BBT Now Listed on Portfolio Tracker

2 min readSep 8, 2021
BBT Now on has listed BitBook’s BBT token on their portfolio tracking site less than 1 week after BBT staking went live. BBT can be tracked in your right portfolio alongside your other crypto assets. BBT staking is currently returning over 7% APR. Easily convert BBT to your local fiat currency in the user-friendly interface. Set up custom alerts, add to your watchlist, and show your support for BBT.

🔥Sign up for a credit card using Nick’s code below 👇👇and he will use the 🔥$ 25 Fee to Buy Back & Burn BBT🔥 is a platform with as many as 10 million users who can take advantage of 6.5% returns per annum on crypto assets or 12% on stablecoins. The Metal Visa Card gives back 8% in rewards.

Other DeFi products on are loans that can be taken out against deposited crypto, trading on the exchange, and users can purchase BTC, ETH, LTC, and Stablecoins using credit and debit cards as well as bank transfer. The site offers a way to securely store, send and receive cryptos.

The exchange has over 100 cryptocurrencies at True Cost with no hidden fees.

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