BBT Staking Audit Published to Quill Audits GitHub | Upgraded Contract Audit Published 9/29/2021

2 min readAug 12, 2021

Updated Article September 29, 2021

The second staking contract for BitBook is now deployed and the audit has been published to Github for QuillAudits.

BBT Staking Contract Audit by Quill Audits Version 2 — Compounding & Harvesting now available:

BitBook is pleased to announce that the BBT staking contract audit report has been published to their Github:

Improvements include:

  • interest is paid out per block instead of every 24 hours
  • harvesting interest without penalty has been enabled and gets sent to your wallet
  • compounding has been enabled which harvests your interest and re-stakes it in your staking pool and resets the 90 day timer

BBT Staking Contract Audit by Quill Audits:

The BBT Staking contract has been checked for

  • Security
  • Sound Architecture
  • Code Correctness & Quality

The experts at Quill Audits put the BBT staking contract through rigorous testing for the functionality and that the logic executing properly. They analysed the complexity of the code manually line by line, and deployed the code on testnet to run live tests across multiple clients.

Quill uncovered 3 vulnerabilities in the contract, 2 with low severity, and one with high severity. The developers reworked the contract and sent it back to Quill, and the full description of the issues found and fixed can be found in the BBT Staking Contract Audit by Quill.

A full guide to Staking BBT will be released to the BitBook Blog this week. Be sure you are subscribed with notifications on to stake your BitBook tokens first!




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