BBT Staking Contract Upgrade Complete & Airdrop Rewards Scheduled Sept 29, 2021

BitBook Staking Contract Upgrade Deployed as of 5:00 pm GMT + 7

The snapshot for the first month of BBT staking is now completed and the new contract is deployed. You are now able to unstake your BBT with NO PENALTY, and stake in the new contract. Airdropped rewards can be added to your new staked BBT as soon as they are paid out, and the airdrop is scheduled.

BBT Staking Airdrop Sept 29, 2021

The BBT airdrop for September staking rewards will be distributed to your wallets on Wednesday 29 September 2021.

How to Unstake and Restake your BBT Tokens

Step 1: Visit the BBT staking page and Connect your wallet, then scroll down to BBT staking V1 and click Unstake.

Step 2: Confirm the Unstake and pay the transaction fee with BNB.

Step 3: Enable Staking

Click enable staking and confirm the BNB fee.

Step 4: Stake

Click stake and select the amount of BBT you wish to stake. Once you pay the BNB fee the button will say “Stake Pending” and then within a minute your will see your staked BBT.

Step 5: Check Rewards

Rewards are now paid out per block instead of 24 hours.

Happy Staking

BBT Harvest & Compound Now Available

With the new compound and harvest features in the new contract, you will be able to add your airdropped staking rewards directly to the pool you just restaked today, and you can keep it all together in one pool. There is no penalty to add to your existing staking pool, however, you should note the timer for withdrawal penalty does reset when you add more BBT to the staked amount.



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