BBT Staking Contract Upgrade Complete & Airdrop Rewards Scheduled Sept 29, 2021

BitBook Staking Contract Upgrade Deployed as of 5:00 pm GMT + 7

BBT Staking Airdrop Sept 29, 2021

How to Unstake and Restake your BBT Tokens

Step 2: Confirm the Unstake and pay the transaction fee with BNB.

Step 3: Enable Staking

Click enable staking and confirm the BNB fee.

Step 4: Stake

Click stake and select the amount of BBT you wish to stake. Once you pay the BNB fee the button will say “Stake Pending” and then within a minute your will see your staked BBT.

Step 5: Check Rewards

Rewards are now paid out per block instead of 24 hours.

Happy Staking

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