Edit- BREAKING Another 200k Added to BBT Staking Pool as 21% of the Total Supply is Now Staked

2 min readSep 3, 2021


As the staked amount of BBT blasts past 21% Perry and Nick decided to pour another 200,000 BBT into the monthly pool to maintain the higher APR % they will deliver. Monthly BBT Staking pool is now 700,000 BBT, up from 500k, and 400k.

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When BitBook launched in May of 2021, the first thing the community demanded was staking. The founder's Nick and Perry immediately set to work drafting a staking plan. Staking was launched to a private audience of BitBookers late on the 2nd of September, 22 hours later 18.5% of the total supply is staked, and more BitBookers still say they need to get home to stake this Friday.

When the staking pool hit 50 Million BBT tokens Nick and Perry decided to add an additional 100,000 BBT to the monthly staking pool, taking the original pool of 400,000 BBT and making it a cool halm million BBT. Since the increase, another 23M BBT has been staked and the total stands now at 73.M with an APR of 8.13%.

BitBook wants to offer a higher APR than the competition, however, if too many more BitBookers stake their BBT again, Nick and Perry will have to dig deep to make that happen.

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