BBT Staking Smart Contract Audit by Quill Audits July 28, 2021

BBT Staking Smart Contract Audit

BBT Staking Smart Contract Audited by QuillAudits

BitBook is pleased to announce that QuillAudits has begun the smart contract auditing process on the new staking contract for BBT. The security audit is performed by an independent team of certified smart contract developers in order to ensure the code is safe and secure for users.

During the audit, the team at QuillAudits will identify any bugs or vulnerabilities in the contract and work with the BitBook developers to make sure that when the contract is deployed on the public blockchain it will be safe and secure for the public to use.

QuillAudits will check the BBT staking smart contract for the following:

  • Quality of the overall code
  • Best practices applied
  • The contract logic matches the code documentation and behaves expectedly
  • The efficiency of gas usage
  • Code is safe from vulnerabilities such as reentrancy or other threats

The results of the initial audit will be returned to BitBook developers the first week of August, and the teams will work together to resolve any bugs identified or vulnerabilities found.

BBT Staking Coming Soon

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Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.

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