BBT Staking — Upgrading Smart Contract with New Features + 1 Month Interest to All who Staked BBT so Far

Thank you for Making BBT Staking a Huge Success

🍾⅓ of the Total Supply of BitBook is LOCKED in Staking!! 🥂🥂

In order for us to launch new features, as you may know, once a smart contract is deployed it cannot be changed afterward. We will deploy a new contract with all the improvements you have requested plus we will give you a full month of staking rewards via airdrop, even though you will not have staked for that long yet!

New & Improved Smart Staking Contract to be Deployed ASAP

The new BBT staking contract will be deployed with the following improvements

  • A feature to manually compound your interest will be added so you can optimize your returns
  • You will be able to claim your BBT rewards that you have earned WITHOUT unstaking your original staked BBT

Once we have the new Staking contract finished and online, the unstake penalty will be turned off and you can simply unstake and restake it in the new contract (takes around 20 seconds).

More information about the coming airdrop will be published next week, subscribe to Medium and turn on notifications to get it first.

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