📣BitBook August 2021 mid Month Project Update 📣

Today is Wednesday, August 11, 2021

August is already a very busy month. Trading volume is up, and consistently moving in the right direction.

The staking contract has been audited and it will be published today on the Github of Quill Audits: https://github.com/Quillhash/Audit_Reports

Development of the staking webpage continues today, with an aim to launch the staking with a guide this Friday or Saturday.

Daily Bookings continue to rise. Don’t forget to use the /VIP code for ease of booking and share this Telegram with your friends & family.

Book & Earn + Invite & Earn will come later in August after the staking has launched.

1️ AVG Daily Trading Vol Trending UP💹💹

💹Best Day $690,744 — July 12, 2021 👈👈👈

📈Benchmark Avg Daily Trading Volume $281,008

⬆️ August Avg Daily Trading Volume $323,838

⬆️ Jul 29 — Aug 4 Avg Daily Trading Volume $ 416,142

⬆️ Aug 5–11 Avg Daily Trading Volume $342,392

📉Worst Day $$92,805

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BitBook Blog 7 New Articles Added:



Note: Probit withdrawal service is out of order for all BSC coins and a handful of other networks. We are aware of the issue and are monitoring the situation, updates will be posted here: https://bit.ly/ProBitWD



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