📣📣🏆BitBook August Wk 3 Update with a Surprise & the Answer to Wen Stake? 🏆📣📣

BitBook.net — Coming Soon

Today is Friday, August 20, 2021

Dear BitBookers!

We have some tremendous news that we have held under our hats 🤐🤐🤐until we were sure it was going to go through. Staking is going to be delayed a little bit longer, but the reason for this is nothing short of spectacular. We have managed to obtain the domain name 🎉 🎈BITBOOK.NET🍾🥂, as you all know the .com site has been owned by the same person since 1999 and they are not interested in selling, however, the .net version became available and we successfully secured it today!

Now, rights for the domain have been transferred and we wish to deploy staking on this new shiny domain. We will prepare this, and begin testing at ASAP, and as long as all goes well staking will indeed launch this month on the bitbook.net domain. The exact URL will be announced soon.

Due to the sensitive nature surrounding domain names we didn’t dare hint at what was going on until we had everything secured. We appreciate your trust and patience in the team, as we strive to do the best we can for the most awesome community in the crypto space, the #BBTFam!

Now, staking is not the only good thing we have to talk about. Our trading volume is on the rise, check out the latest numbers! 👇👇👇

⬆️ AVG Daily Trading Vol Trending UP💹💹

⬆️ August Avg Daily Trading Volume $348,978

⬆️ Aug 12 — Aug 18 Avg Daily Trading Volume $ 383,872

⬆️ Aug 5–11 Avg Daily Trading Volume $342,392

⬆️ Jul 29 — Aug 4 Avg Daily Trading Volume $ 416,142

💹Best Day $690,744 — July 12, 2021 👈👈👈

📈Benchmark Avg Daily Trading Volume $281,008

📉Worst Day $$92,805

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Daily Bookings continue to rise. Don’t forget to use the /VIP code for ease of booking and share this Telegram with your friends & family.

Book & Earn + Invite & Earn will come later in August after the staking has launched.

Thank you!


Team BitBook

Join BitBook on Telegram: bit.ly/BitBookTelegram

JOIN BITBOOK ON TELEGRAM: bit.ly/BitBookTelegram



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