BitBook Contest Hack

Yesterday it was reported that some of you joining in the contest for 1 Million BBT are not getting your referrals counted at BitBook because your friends & family are joining directly through SweepWidget. We can’t fix anything that happened yesterday, but we have a new hack that you can use to get around it, plus this tool will help you in becoming a travel influencer capable of earning passive income for the next two decades!

Welcome to Link Tree!

What is Link Tree?

Link Tree is a tool many influencers use to help them easily deliver multiple affiliate links at one time, and keep tabs on links performance. Link Tree links work exceptionally well on social media platforms that limit you to only a single link such as Instagram.

Check out the BitBook LinkTree.

How will this help me get referrals to BitBook and to SweepWidget?

Simple, make a Link Tree with two links on it. Make the first link your invite link you generated from the BitBook site.

Then make the second link from your Sweep Widget referral link.

It should look something like this:

Now you have a link that looks like this you can share with your network to make sure you can reap both rewards from BitBook and from the SweepWidget contest.

Other ways to use Link Tree to grow your business as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Add all your social media channels in one place so you can easily share. Think of this as a digital business card for your side hustle
  2. Analytics tracking, so you can see what channels are sending the most traffic, so you can maximize your efforts
  3. With the paid version, you can customize your own theme, and it’s like having a mini personal 1-page website for $6 a month.

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