BitBook Development Update 04 Nov 2021

2 min readNov 4, 2021


Dear BitBookers,

We have been hard at work on various aspects of the BitBook platform and wanted to bring you up to speed on our progress. As you may already know the BitBook dev team is currently ahead of the original roadmap, and things continue to move in the right direction.

The hottest item on the list is the Hot Wallet, needed for claiming rewards, the admin panel is taking shape, and the most exciting component of the BitBook platform, Create & Earn is yet to come.

Hot Wallet for Rewards Claiming

Travelers began earning rewards for Book & Earn from the 1st of July, and for Invite & Earn from October 2021. Right now earned rewards can be viewed on the platform but the claiming function is not quite ready. It has been audited, and tested, and is now undergoing final UX/UI testing to ensure a smooth experience. Look for this update in the coming days.

Admin Panel

This development is crucial but will not be visible to users. The admin panel development is for the team to have access to the system for rewards, booking, stats, and other metrics for planning and reporting. The admin panel will be used to generate reports for internal use. The admin panel will help shape the sustainable growth of BitBook by allowing us to drill down into all kinds of metrics to make ongoing improvements.

Create & Earn Progress

The Create & Earn product is the creme de la creme of the BitBook ecosystem and requires a large amount of development to complete. There are five developers working full-time on this component of the platform as and it will likely be completed during the first quarter of 2022. Even once completed, we expect Create & Earn to mature, and change as the needs of the market fluctuates, and BitBook is poised to be flexible and keep up with the demands while providing a platform for users to share their travel experiences with others.

What’s Next?

The development will not stop at Create & Earn. Once the content creation platform is up and running, the next focus for the team will be upgrading the booking engine to a system that allows tiered discounts, multiple crypto payment options, as well as the much anticipated BBT payment option.

Bug Reporting

In addition to regular developments from time to time, we get bugs reported. If you have found an error or a bug on the site that needs attention, please do fill in our Bug Report.

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