BitBook IEO Sells Out in 2 Days on Probit Exchange

2 min readJun 2, 2021
BBT IEO on Probit Exchange SOLD OUT

BBT IEO on Probit Sold Out

The BitBook (BBT) IEO on Probit exchange has sold out after only 2 days. The IEO opened on the 31st of May at 15:00 GMT + 9 and in the first minute of the sale sold $300,000 worth of tokens. The sale that was scheduled to last 4 days sold out in 2 days. This was following an early sell-out of both the private sale and whitelist allocation run through the BBT website. Now the last place to get BBT at the pre-sale price of 0.014285714 USDT will be on the Unicrypt ILO which launches on the 4th of June at approximately 12:34 pm GMT + 7.

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Probit Listing & Trading

Now that the IEO has finished on Probit, BBT tokens will be delivered to your Probit wallet on the 4th of June prior to trading.

Deposit: June 4, 2021 17:00 GMT + 9

Trading: June 4, 2021 18:00 GMT + 9

BitBook Presale Current Status

Private Sale SOLD OUT 50,000,000 BBT

Whitelist Allocation for IEO SOLD OUT 40,000,000 BBT

Probit IEO SOLD OUT 140,000,000 BBT

Unicrypt ILO On Sale June 4th 84,000,000 BBT

Locked Liquidity 86,000,000 BBT

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BitBook Website:

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BUY 04 JUN — Unicrypt ILO:

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How to join the Unicrypt ILO:

PancakeSwapV2 Listing & Trading

Trading on PancakeSwapV2 will be initiated automatically once the hard cap of 3200 BNB is met. If this happens quickly there is a small chance trading will be open a few minutes prior to the Probit listing, we have coordinated as much as possible with both exchanges to prevent this from happening, but there is a slight possibility.

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