BitBook Incubates TripLeverage for Business Travelers

3 min readAug 1, 2021
BitBook incubates Tripleverage — a Business Travel Platform Moving to the Blockchain
BitBook incubates TripLeverage

BitBook Incubates Trip Leverage

BitBook is proud to announce it will be incubating: ‘TripLeverage’ a Business Travel platform that will evolve its business model completely to the blockchain. 100% of its existing and future revenue will be used to buy and burn TLT tokenS. The Fair Launch is scheduled for the 23rd of August on Unicrypt, this means 0 tokens for the Team and Incubator.

BitBook is investing to build a ✈️ travel ecospace that aims to be the be biggest and most transformative in 📜Crypto History📜

100% of the max supply of TLT will be sold at the Fair Launch. There will be a 10% transaction tax of which 1% will be used to buy and burn BitBook tokens exclusively.

BitBooks Expansion

BitBook is investing to build a travel ecospace that aims to be the be biggest and most transformative in Crypto History. TripLeverage is our first venture into the Business Travel space. Directly benefiting the BitBook community while also providing a gigantic pool of leads for growing the revenue and thereby supercharging the buy and burn programs for both companies.

Nick and Perry the founders of BitBook formed the organization, not just to create another company, but to start a legacy, focused on providing people with the ability to create a passive income and enabling them to explore the world.

To enable more people to experience world travel the BBT reward pool begins minting each month starting in December 2021 for 20 years. Providing rewards for people who book accommodations, create content and invite new people to grow the community.

This reward pool creates inflation, to negate this inflation, BitBook has a strict 100% of net-revenue buy and burn policy. BitBook earns revenue through commission on each booking, advertising, and affiliate channels. The bigger the revenue, the more valuable the BitBook token will become and the bigger our community and ecospace will become.

What BitBook gets back in exchange is a 1% transaction tax fee 💰 dedicated to BUY & BURN🔥🔥 #BitBook Tokens #BBT

It is from this perspective that we decided to laser-target an established travel startup that aligns with the overall goal of BitBook.

BitBook will provide the following to TripLeverage:

  • Funding for the creation of a smart contract
  • Funding for auditing of smart contract
  • Funding for initial marketing and community building
  • Guaranteeing KYC, Team doxxing, and token Audit security for ensuring no scam/rug pull/honeypot or other unfortunate things that we see often in Crypto
  • Making it possible to do a proper Fair Launch
  • Access to the Crypto network of BitBook founders, giving a better chance at Exchange listing, marketing opportunities, etc
  • 0 Tokens will be given to BitBook in any shape or form
  • Direct Marketing to the 10,000+ BitBook wallet holders and our 1,7 million crypto community
  • Direct Marketing as a partner on the new BitBook website, driving new leads and new revenue opportunities
  • Strategic Partnership providing future growth opportunities
  • Directly engaged BitBook community to instantly have a large audience
  • Advisory from previous KuCoin Exchange leaders who now run BitBook a large Travel crypto company.

A Win Win — TLT Transaction Tax of 1% for Buyback and Burn of BBT

What BitBook gets back in exchange is a 1% transaction tax fee dedicated to buy and burn BitBook Tokens, which as mentioned above is essential to negate the reward inflation. While TripLeverage benefits from a growing BitBook community as they are exclusive partners for business travel perks and will be able to get new leads, revenue, and wallet holders. It is therefore a win/win strategy.

There are exciting times ahead, it is my conviction that the win/win strategy on incubating and generating income only when the project is successful after launch, will result in mutual immense long-term growth.

Join TripLeverage Community

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