📣🏆BitBook July Highlights 🏆📣

BitBook July 2021 High Lights

BitBook has come out of July 2021 on the uptrend. Total trading volume for the month was over $8M and the average daily volume was at $281k. The development team released their first update and let the community know that everything so far is ahead of schedule. Staking is due to launch in August, as well as the first 2 BitBook products.

  1. Book & Earn — The reward program that rewards travelers for booking accommodation and providing review feedback on the platform after completing their stay.
  2. Invite & Earn — The affiliate marketing program that will provide passive income to anyone who refers traffic to the BitBook platform. When they sign up under your affiliate code you will earn the affiliate booking rewards on that client for 20 years.

Below you will find a list of highlights BitBook experienced for July that was published in our Telegram chat over the weekend. The BitBook Telegram is active 24/7 and manned by the BitBook Core Team who are ready to answer questions and concerns and of course, accept new ideas on making BitBook the best crypto project of 2021.

BitBookers! Are you all READY??

1️ AVG Daily Trading Vol Trending UP💹💹

💹Best Day $690,744

📈Benchmark Avg Daily Trading Volume


Increase of 1.5 x compared to beg of July

📉Worst Day $$92,805

▶️YouTube 3 Videos Added:



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BitBook Blog 7 New Articles Added:



₿📱💹 New Tracking Apps Added

  1. FTX — formerly Blockfolio — https://blockfolio.com/coin/BBT_3
  2. Coinbase — https://www.coinbase.com/price/bitbook
  3. Delta — https://delta.canny.io/coin-requests/p/bitbooknetwork

CMC Rank improved 250+ spots and is now at 2995

New Bookings are happening every day with users trying out the /VIP code in Telegram.

Earn BBT for Booking Holidays

We are wrapping up our first full month.

Join us on Telegram today: https://t.me/bitbooknetwork



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