BitBook — Let’s Talk Development Updates December 15, 2021

3 min readDec 15, 2021


BitBook — Let’s Talk Development Updates December 15, 2021

Dear BitBookers,

It’s been a while since our last BitBook roadmap update, and we’d like to take the time now to get you up to speed on all the BitBook products. As you know, Book & Earn was the first product to launch in July 2021. The following product to hit the market was BBT Staking, immediately upgraded due to community feedback. So the next order of business was establishing Invite & Earn with the dashboard for tracking BBT rewards.

Invite & Earn

Now, this brings us up to November 2021, and many BitBookers have rewards to claim from both Book & Earn and Invite & Earn. BBT reward claiming was released, and the bug reports rolled in. One by one, the development team tackled the bugs plaguing each browser or operating system, and as far as the team knows, BBT reward claiming is working for all.

Create & Earn

The Create & Earn product for the BitBook platform is now underway, and we want to share with you the progress thus far in the flagship product that is core to the success of the BitBook viral marketing booking platform. Create & Earn is a product built for the way influencers are evolving.

The development is happening in four main parts. First, a general page will feature the bounty content that earned rewards upon submission. Next, an individual profile page for each creator to showcase their content. Finally, the admin panel for the creator and the master admin panel for the site admins approve content and issue rewards.

Welcome Page

When users land on the welcome page they will be directed to the latest content and most popular BitBook content creators.

The main welcome page for BitBook content will feature the most recent content that earned rewards, along with the past winners. In addition, there will be featured stories, featured creators, read later functions, and full social media network integration for seamless sharing. These articles will have comments sections to promote engagement so people can get to know places before visiting.

Profile Page

Every creator will have their own profile page where they can showcase their travel content. Anyone can have a profile page, not just content creators earning rewards.

We want everyone to share their travel experiences so that real people can connect, not just professional travel bloggers. BitBook welcomes everyone to express their travels on this social media platform dedicated to travel and powered by crypto.

Admin Panel for Creators

Creators will want to personalize their profiles, and they can do so on the admin panel. They can also track their earnings and engagement analytics for their content and check their traffic sources. Serious creators will have the option of a custom domain, so they can integrate an existing blog with BitBook’s Create & Earn program.

Admin Panel for Administrators

All articles will go through the approval process before being published on the site. Administrators will approve content and assign reward values. Articles can be accepted, approved, rewarded, rejected, or given feedback

Influencer marketing is taking on a new shape as we move through the pandemic. BitBook is perfectly positioned to provide a platform for influencers that is directly in line with these experts who talked to Forbes about the future of influencer marketing this August 2021.

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