BitBook partnership with Priceline and the next steps

2 min readJun 22, 2021


BitBook is proud to announce our strategic partnership with the Priceline Partner Network, part of Booking Holdings Inc., a world leader in travel.

The MVP booking engine inventory (Hotels, Flights,Cars) will be powered by Priceline partner network and provide us with the following:

- 400,000+ Hotels worldwide
- 322+ Airlines with global coverage
- Hertz and Sixt car rental available on 18,500 locations across the world

Our partnership goes further
Besides enabling us to have a massive amount of booking options available from day 1. We are also extremely proud to announce that all customer care will be done by the Priceline group. Customer care will be therefore directly available 24/7/365.

Our service level will be outstanding, as we will have an average response time to pick up the phone within 30 seconds.

What is next?Our booking engine will be going live on June 24th, it will be our first step in launching BitBook, from day 1 we will keep track of all bookings that are done.

100% of net revenue that we make will be used to buy and burn tokens from day 1. Therefore we encourage our entire community to move forward using us for any travel, as by booking, you are stimulating the BitBook ecosystem and decreasing the total supply of BBT.

Our next step is to develop and launch the Account & Reward system. Users can visit the BitBook platform itself to view the account system, where you can log in, see your trips, refer new people, see the rewards you have received, and plenty more features.

We are planning to create a transparent dashboard so that when you log in, you can see all the bookings that are happening on the BitBook platform to keep track of how things are going.

Everyone who will book before the Account & Reward system is launched will be % proportionally rewarded with one specific pool of 1,041,667 BBT. After the launch of the Account & Rewards system and the months before the reward program officially begins (December), will be personally financed by the BitBook co-founders to provide monthly rewards for people who book a trip and influencers who bring new people to the platform.

We will keep the community up to date on the progress of the development, and as soon as we have a realistic release date, we will communicate this directly.

Best place to be informed the fastest is on our Telegram channel. We will pin the announcement, so don’t worry, you don’t need to read all the chat.

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