BitBook Rewards Save Travelers an Average of 60% on Hotel Bookings in October 2021

BitBook October Rewards

BitBook rewards for October can now be viewed on your dashboard. Both Book & Earn and Invite & Earn paid out rewards in October. Book & Earn first began in July, and Invite & Earn launched during October.

The average payout for Book & Earn was 23,674 BBT and influencers took an average of over 86,000 BBT with the number one influencer taking over half the pot with 140,000 BBT tokens.

BBT Booking Reward 23,674 BBT

Book & Earn Saves BitBookers an Average of 60% in October

October cashback was 60.2% for Hotels with today’s BBT price. So a hotel night for example of 100 USD you would have gotten 60 USD back!

This is what makes BitBook such a compelling offer when you are here early. Because we are only just getting started and when the price goes up, so does my cashback value!

Book & Earn is as simple as booking travel on any website, except this one pays you back in BBT.

Book Now 400,000 hotels, 18,000 rental car locations, and 300+ airlines.

Invite & Earn with BitBook 86,805 BBT

Influencer Rewards from BitBook Paid an Average of 86,805 BBT

The Invite & Earn program at BitBook kicked off in October and a few early front runners really cleaned up. On average influencers earned over 80k BBT tokens with the top earner getting 140,000 BitBook tokens. Invite & Earn is almost as simple as Book & Earn.

Follow this tutorial to create your own Invite Link and start earning BBT for the next 20 years, just by inviting friends and family. Every time they book, you earn.

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Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.

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Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.

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