Nov 1, 2021

2 min read

BitBook Rewards Save Travelers an Average of 60% on Hotel Bookings in October 2021

BitBook October Rewards

BitBook rewards for October can now be viewed on your dashboard. Both Book & Earn and Invite & Earn paid out rewards in October. Book & Earn first began in July, and Invite & Earn launched during October.

The average payout for Book & Earn was 23,674 BBT and influencers took an average of over 86,000 BBT with the number one influencer taking over half the pot with 140,000 BBT tokens.

Book & Earn Saves BitBookers an Average of 60% in October

October cashback was 60.2% for Hotels with today’s BBT price. So a hotel night for example of 100 USD you would have gotten 60 USD back!

This is what makes BitBook such a compelling offer when you are here early. Because we are only just getting started and when the price goes up, so does my cashback value!

Book & Earn is as simple as booking travel on any website, except this one pays you back in BBT.

Book Now 400,000 hotels, 18,000 rental car locations, and 300+ airlines.

Influencer Rewards from BitBook Paid an Average of 86,805 BBT

The Invite & Earn program at BitBook kicked off in October and a few early front runners really cleaned up. On average influencers earned over 80k BBT tokens with the top earner getting 140,000 BitBook tokens. Invite & Earn is almost as simple as Book & Earn.

Follow this tutorial to create your own Invite Link and start earning BBT for the next 20 years, just by inviting friends and family. Every time they book, you earn.

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