BitBook Sends BBT Staking Contract to Audit

Stake BBT August 2021

BitBook is thrilled to announce that the first draft of the staking audit was just sent to the auditors for staking BBT. The first results will come back to Perry and the devs on Monday with feedback from the first draft. Then if any adjustments need to be made they will be implemented, and the audit will be sent back a 2nd time for a full audit.

The BitBook community expressed the desire to stake BBT when they realized that the vision of is truly a long-term one, with real wealth-building possibilities built into the tokenomics.

Why was Staking BBT Not in the Original Whitepaper?

Staking was first requested by BitBookers in May when the first members of the community began to purchase BBT in the whitelist. They read the whitepaper and had access to the CEO Nick van der Kolk nearly 24/7 during the pre-launch phase of the BitBook IEO. The community expressed massive interest in the ability to stake BitBook tokens, and Nick then promised to create a staking program for the community.

The original whitepaper was already nearly 50 pages and includes one of the most revolutionary tokenomics to date in the crypto space and now it’s packing even more value with the staking feature going live at the same time Account & Reward system begins alpha testing, mid-August 2021.

The BitBook roadmap is ahead of schedule, and staking will be delivered as an added value proposition as a thank you to the BitBook community and early investors. When you have a project that is community lead, without VCs, without free tokens for the team, or airdrops, the community voices matter and BitBook strives to give the community the best crypto project to launch in 2021.

How can we do better?

Join our Telegram and let us know, we love to hear from you. Staking now, what is the next item on the list of goodies you want? Help us become the best.





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Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.

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