BitBook Telegram Channel Macros Guide

3 min readAug 25, 2021

Updated September 2, 2021

/macros — brings up the list of commands

/APY — leads to an article that shows the APY% breakdown for staking

/august — August 2021 monthly report

The BitBook Community is incredibly involved and inquisitive and the BBT chat is filled 24/7 with new and challenging questions that are answered by the Core Team along with some support administrators that were all first BitBook investors who saw the vision painted by CEO Nick van der Kolk. Today we have started BitBook Macros to streamline the massive amount of information in the chat.

This guide will be updated as new commands are added and will serve as a guide to quickly find your favorite macros available in the BitBook Telegram channel.

If you want a macro and don’t see it here, please just shout it out in Telegram and tag Mistress Vegas in the chat.

List of BBT Commands Aug 25, 2021

BBT Telegram Commands

/VIP /buy /staking /cmc /News /book /howtobuy /howtostake /price /youtube /hotel /trade /wenstake /chart /twitter /exchange /metamask /reddit /exchanges /wallet /whitepaper/contract/blog /faq /feedback /shill /july /wenisland /bug /grassroots /wenMoon /wen /nick /moon /island /billboard

Book Now Commands for BitBook

The book now section connects travelers with the book & earn program. Anyone can use this link to book accommodation and start earning BBT today. Each of these commands leads to the same link, it’s just an easy way for BitBookers to help out new people if admin staff are unavailable.

BBT Basics

The basics on how and where to buy BBT tokens on both Centralized and Decentralized exchanges (CEX) & (DEX)


The community demanded stake, and the stake they shall have. These commands are all stake-related and updated regularly. We try to time and date stamp them as this is a huge deal to the BitBook community.

BBT Tools

A list of resources investors can use to research the BitBook team and project. Investors can track the BBT price through various charting tools, and they can learn about the entire project via the whitepaper, as well as learn to set up BBT in a software wallet.

BBT Socials

The /news command brings up a number of socials users can choose from depending on the type of media they prefer to consume, whether written or video, and notifications are available for each type. The main social media channels can also be found to support the project and learn more.


Help the BBT development team by submitting feedback or a bug report about the platform.


BitBook has a grassroots marketing group that participates in brainstorming marketing methods, coordinated shilling, and sharing on all social channels. All community members are welcome.


Monthly reports will be listed here so that investors can see each month's Telegram summary at a glance.

BBT Memes

The community has made a ton of fan art, here are a few.

If we have missed a command please let us know.

If you have an idea for a new command or category please feel free to let us know, we love input from the community!!

Please join us on telegram today and try out the BBT macro commands to book your accommodation and start earning crypto.

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