BitBook — the Travel Platform for Travelers, Creators & Influencers to Earn Passive Income on the Blockchain

3 min readAug 10, 2021


“Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.”

Why not combine the two? Isn’t it everyone’s dream to get paid to travel the world? What if you could do just that?

BitBook has created the travel booking platform that rewards guests for booking accommodations, influencers for sending traffic, and content creators for creating awesome travel content.

The creation of the community has come from the duopoly currently in place by the two largest booking engines who charge high commissions and provide no opportunity for contributions from the community other than unverified reviews. The unique ecosystem will provide hotels with a lower commission, savings they can pass on directly to guests. Guests in turn can leave verified reviews on the blockchain that can’t be faked or deleted as they are backed up on the blockchain.

Who Can Earn BBT?

BitBook pays rewards to influencers, content creators, and guests who book using the BitBook Platform. There are two separate reward pools that will be distributed. The creator’s pool (Invite & Earn) will reward influencers & travel bloggers/vloggers for contributing content to the platform. Guests will be rewarded from the accommodations reward pool (Book & Earn) for booking and staying in hotels on the platform and then reviewing them. These reward systems will drive the value of the token up, while the service provided to the hotels drives prices down.


In short, BitBook will provide travel booking services at lower costs to hotels, and compensate guests and content creators for utilizing the platform either as guests or contributors.

Valuable Information:

Coin Name: BitBook Token (BBT)

Total Supply: 400 Million with 2.5 million BBT minted each month for the rewards pools + the Buy Back & Burn Mechanism that will use all net revenue each month to buy back tokens and burn them reducing the total supply over 20 years to only 100 Million.

Circulating Supply: 400 Million (at time of writing 10 Aug 2021)

Market Cap: 5.6 Million (at IEO)

Pre IEO Price: 1 BBT = $0.012142857

IEO Price: 1 BBT = $0.014285714

Staking: Available mid-August with APY% ranging from 4.8% — 480% depending on TVL

What problems does this solve in the real world, and what advantages does it provide?


  • Hotels face payment processing fees of up to 3% + commissions up to 30% — so can lose up to 33% in fees before guests arrive.
  • Travelers foot the bill and earn nothing in return
  • Influencers and content creators in the travel industry have been hit hard since Covid restrictions
  • Hotels have had no viable alternative to generating traffic until now.

Everyone deserves to travel, so BitBook has set out to make it more accessible. Hotels are currently forced to pay up to 30% commission on bookings, and up to 3% for payment processing, driving up prices for consumers. Until now they have had no choice as the two main players have forced hotels to be dependent on them and other smaller players are unable to compete in that game.

With the rise of the gig economy and creator-centric websites and social apps, it’s easier than ever for influencers to reach their audience. With privacy crackdowns coming down from companies like Apple advertisers are going to have to get more creative and will be turning more to influencers and content creators. BitBook has seized this opportunity to provide a platform that rewards users who generate traffic through creating and sharing content by rewarding them.

The Book & Earn Product is Available to Start Earning BBT NOW

To begin earning BBT today all you need to do is visit Telegram, enter the code /VIP and use the members discount link to book your stay.

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Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.