BitBook Token BBT Now on Delta Portfolio Tracker

BitBook Listing Confirmed July 29, 2021

BitBook is pleased to announce that Delta confirmed the BBT token and it’s now available in the Delta portfolio tracking app. Delta provides real-time cryptocurrency pricing, as well as the ability to track other assets such as stocks, indices, forex, bonds, and more. Over 2.5 million investors are already using Delta to track their investment portfolio, and BBT is now one of the assets available on Delta.

Download Delta From the App Store

If you don’t have Delta already simply download it for Android from Google Play, or for iOs you can use it on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to track all your investments.

Track Your Investments

To begin tracking your investments you start with selecting the type, it defaults to crypto and you can continue. Next you will want to add BBT as an asset. Simply type BBT or BitBook in the search bar, here you can add it to your favorites by pressing the ⭐, and that allows you to follow the markets where BBT is traded, as well as customize alerts and news about your assets.

Depending on how actively you monitor your investments you can set many different custom notifications including the standard price alerts, but also daily portfolio summaries, news roundups, and more things are added regularly.

Delta is used by Nick van der Kolk the CEO of BitBook as his preferred tracking app. If you have not done so, head to Delta on your phone and add BBT today.

As always join us on Telegram for live support 24/7:

BitBook Telegram



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