BitBook Wins Pancakeswap Farm Auction for Christmas — Surpasses $1M in Daily Trading Volume

3 min readDec 24, 2021


Merry Christmas BitBookers!

BitBook won 3rd place at the PancakeSwap farm auction this week, and the WBNB/BBT liquidity pool is live from 23 Dec @ Noon UTC to 30 Dec @ Noon UTC.

Winning the farm auction for Christmas was perfect timing for a marketing push to get new users. We had planned to postpone further marketing until Q1 when Create & Earn is due to launch, but the PCS farm bid stands ready every time there is an auction, and yesterday was a slow day at the auction house and persistence won out!

The reward was a sweet increase to the daily trading volume of over double and we hit the milestone of $1M in daily volume the afternoon of the 24th. New investors are joining us in the chat, and at the time of writing, there is 92.5M BBT locked in the liquidity pool, a 97% increase from yesterday.

What is the Farm Auction on PancakeSwap?

The auction on PancakeSwap is a mad marketing method they came up with the burn their native token CAKE, while letting projects test the waters of having their own liquidity pool. The BBT LP yield farming event is one week long, and will allow farmers to earn CAKE with a 1x multiplier when they add liquidity to the WBNB/BBT liquidity pool.

If that sounds like Greek to you, please join us on “A little Late in Crypto” on Christmas Eve at 9:30 pm SGT for a live explanation from the DPAD team on yield farming.

The founders of BitBook are building the BitBook platform as a legacy. The goal is to help propel the gig economy of the next generation by providing a social platform designed for the influencer marketing of the Web 3.0 experience.

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The BitBook platform is a passive income-generating viral marketing machine built to aid freelancers and entrepreneurs with cryptocurrency, a borderless currency that is the key to unlocking the BitBook travel ecosystem.

We know from the last two years that when travel emerges it needs to change, and everyone needs to get out of the house and explore. BitBook has created a platform for you to share your experiences and monetize your content, all while lowering the commission rates charged to hotels. This is only made possible by the advancements of the BSC network.

Four ways to earn income with BitBook and three of them are live already.

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