BitMart Updates Deposit Addresses to Enhance Security — Action Required

2 min readDec 8, 2021


BitBook BBT tokens were unaffected by the BitMart hack last week, and BitMart is being extremely proactive in the face of the security breach. They have already announced they will cover all losses for users and will upgrade security measures. Deposit and withdrawal functions are due to be restored on the ERC20 network first followed by other tokens.

BitBook tokens were UNAFFECTED by the BitMart hack however, all BitMart users will receive new deposit addresses. Please be extra vigilant when making deposits, and it never hurts to do a test transaction first! We recommend doing a safety check of your own, with tips below.

New Deposit Addresses on BitMart

Deposit addresses for all tokens will be updated on BitMart Exchange and old deposit addresses will no longer work. If you deposit into an old deposit address the funds will be lost and cannot be recovered. Ensure before you make any BitMart deposit that you log out and then log back in to get an updated deposit address.

Personal Security Tip: Update Your BitMart Password

For even more security consider changing your password to BitMart. It never hurts to go one extra step. When a security breach happens let it act as a reminder to fortify your own security measures. Take inventory of your crypto, update passwords, when you have amassed $10,000 or more in value it may be time to consider a hardware wallet unless you are staking your crypto as many of our users do.

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