Blockfolio Lists BitBook (BBT) on Signals

3 min readJul 23, 2021

BitBook is the NEW kid on the Block…….FOLIO (pun intended), and we are so excited to share our first #Signal!

BitBook is pleased to announce that BBT is now listed on Blockfolio and is now connected to #Signals along with 500 other token teams.

Blockfolio is a crypto portfolio app with over 5 million users designed to put token teams in direct contact with their community.

BitBookers can now add BBT to their portfolios on Blockfolio and receive BBT notifications via Signal.

1st Production Update of the BitBook Travel Booking Engine

Leaders from many top blockchain projects have been using Signals to connect with communities. BitBook has joined the ranks with token teams like DASH, Monero, NEO, Maker, Ontology, Decred, 0x, and now, of course, BBT.

Joining crypto platforms such as Blockfolio will only increase the reach of BitBook and get the project in front of crypto enthusiasts that will help our community grow. BitBook will use Signals as one of many channels to keep all those who love crypto up to date with the latest developments in both production and marketing.

New services and project updates will be a regular occurrence going forward.

How Can I Get Blockfolio Updates for BBT on Signal?

Getting started on Blockfolio is simple.

1. Download the app via Google Play or the App Store.


2. Click the ‘+’ sign to Add a new coin

Click the + icon to add BBT to your portfolio on Blockfolio

3. Search for “BitBook” or BBT and make sure you choose the right one!

4. Give that BitBook a tap and voila!

Now you can do two things, you can Add BBT to your portfolio and you can set custom notifications for price alerts so you know when you want to buy more, or take profit, or simply brag to your friends.

5. Setting a Target price #Signal or an alert for BBT on Blockfolio is simple, and it allows for extreme customization if you are a trader who likes arbitrage this is important. You can choose the global average or a specific exchange, and you can select the trading pair. You can set multiple alerts that trigger from different indicators. Check out all the options.

You are all set to receive both general alerts and custom alerts from Blockfolio. Let us know in the comments how you like to use it.

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