Book Your Holiday on BitBook— Earn BBT: 1 Million BBT Giveaway

Book a Hotel and Get BBT Tokens

BitBook is giving away 1,000,000 BBT tokens to travelers who book using the new booking engine. If you like earning crypto then the BBT giveaway is perfect for you. If you don’t know anything about crypto but would like to travel, and don’t mind free stuff, then this offer is also for you. With summer holidays in mid-swing, and people frustrated from lockdowns from Covid many people just want to get out and about.

With BBT rewards you can book the travel you would have anyway, but you can get an exclusive members discount available only through the BitBook Telegram, and you can EARN BBT in the process just for testing the new BitBook booking engine.

Hint: There is something special at the bottom of this article if you already completed your stay!

How Can I Earn BBT by Booking Travel?

Earn BBT and Become a BitBook VIP

It has never been easier to get into crypto.

  1. Join the BitBook Telegram: BitBook Network Official Telegram
  2. Type the special code “/VIP” in the chat
  3. Receive your VIP discount link
  4. Book your holiday
  5. Enjoy your trip
  6. Earn BBT

It’s that simple!

BitBook Telegram

The BitBook telegram channel is a community filled with dreamers, travelers, and crypto enthusiasts that are both veterans and brand new crypto users. The BitBook community is diverse, representing at least 30 different countries and over 10,000 members. Users have described the BitBook telegram as being “the most positive place in crypto”.

BitBook VIP

Becoming a BitBook VIP is as simple as joining the Telegram group, and booking your very first trip. When you book just provide your email, and then when the account and reward system goes live in August 2021 return to BitBook to make an account and claim your rewards from this early adopter's special reward pool of 1,000,000 BBT.

Book Your Holiday via BitBook

With 400,000 hotels available in the beta version there is sure to be something for everyone. If you are lucky enough to travel further than a staycation there are also 300+ airlines, and 18,000 rental car locations, making it easier than ever to get back on the road. Together we can all support the battered travel industry while investing in ourselves at the same time.

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself”

Enjoy Your Trip

With the stresses of the last year, we all deserve a break. Take some time to unwind and relax. A change of scenery will do your soul some good. Even if you simply book a hotel in a neighboring city, and check out some local shops, or hit up a museum, getting back to basics is something we can all use right now. Rest, and relax, you have earned it.

Earn BBT

As a thank you to those willing to put up with the naked version of the website and provide us with much-needed feedback and testing we will reward all users who book prior to the Account System going live in August with a reward pool of 1,000,000 BBT to be split among all early adopters.

There are no early VC investors, no airdrops, no free tokens, no team tokens, and no marketing tokens to be dumped on the market. Staking opens up when the account system goes live, and as a special thank you to those that are supporting BitBook this special token allocation is being provided to BitBookers from the co-founders' Nick & Perry.

Join us on Telegram and type /VIP today!

Join other BitBookers in earning crypto this summer and bringing back the travel industry. BitBook offers lower commissions for its network powered by the PricelinePartnership Network.

BitBook Telegram:

One More Advantage to Booking NOW on the Alpha MVP

BitBook Account & Reward System Launches Mid August

24 Hour Head Start on Invite & Earn for Anyone Who Books Using the Alpha MVP

A huge thank you to the BitBookers who have already booked through the MVP site. As you know we are giving away the 1 Million BBT in a pool split to all of you. But we have added a little something special. You will get a 24-hour head start on making an account to generate your referral link.

You are already earning BBT through booking, but the invite & earn will go live, and as a special thank you to our most loyal supporters you will receive an invitation to the email that you booked your reservation with that will connect you to the Account & Reward system and allow you to be the first ones to invite your friends and family to the debut.


We are so excited to have you on board!

If you have not booked yet, you still have time! The Account & Reward system will launch mid August. Get to the BitBook Telegram now and type the command /VIP and start earning BBT, and be our very first affiliate marketers. You are the real MVP!



  1. Must book and complete a reservation using the MVP alpha booking system before the Account & Reward System goes live.
  2. You will receive an email 24 hours prior to the public announcement of the Account & Reward system.
  3. In the email you will have a link to create your account, you can check your BBT rewards, and you can generate your ref link to invite friends and family before anyone else.
  4. No shilling your links in the BitBook telegram chat! Use your own marketing channels :)
  5. You may tag us in social media shares outside Telegram
  6. You may start getting other BitBookers to follow your socials through the official channel
  7. Have FUN



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