Approves BitBook for Consumer Rates — Global Inventory Now Increased for Travel & Earn

2 min readFeb 9, 2022


BitBook is thrilled to announce that has approved the protocol for consumer rates. So, this means that the global inventory has just increased from 400,000 hotel rooms to 2,000,000+ rooms worldwide that will pay you BBT tokens just for staying there! Additionally, with Create & Earn just about to launch beta testing for basic functionality, having the inventory options expanded by Bookings consumer rates. At the same time, travel restrictions begin to loosen in time for the summer travel season is good news for Book & Earn.

Just a few examples follow:

Book your London hotels on BitBook and earn BBT tokens for staying.
Stay in London and Earn BBT

London, England a bustling hub for business, and travel only had a single page of inventory under the previous agreement, but now that BitBook is due to launch Create & Earn and the platform is nearing full functionality the inventory choices went from a single page to 28 pages with over 500+ hotels to choose from! Every single one of them will reward you in BBT tokens for staying there. See if there is one right for you!

Ho Chi Minh City has Nearly 500 Hotels that pay BBT Tokens to Guests for Booking with BitBook

Ho Chi Minh City, a crypto hub, as a nation with one of the highest levels of adoption has nearly 500 options in their metropolitan area, and that doesn’t even count what is available in the surrounding countryside now. Check out new options in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and more.

Melbourne has 228 Hotels Paying BBT Tokens when Booked through BitBook

The city of Melbourne went from a dozen options to 228, and other major cities around Australia now have 1000+ options, all with better discounts, and all with BBT rewards when you book with BitBook.

And don’t forget to tell your friends now that we have all the inventory! Get that Ref link out and make sure you are ready to earn BBT for everyone you invite for the next 20 years!

Here is a simple 1 minute tutorial on creating your Invite & Earn link to start earning BBT today.




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