Breaking! BitBook Wins Community Farm Auction on PanCakeSwap

2 min readDec 22, 2021
BBT Farm Opens Christmas Eve for One Week on PancakeSwapV2

BBT Farm on PCSV2 Starts Christmas Eve

Every week BitBook enters the auction on PancakeSwapV2 for the Community Farm Auction, and this week they quietly won the auction! The standard bid the founders put in every week, finally won 3rd place, and that means BitBookers can both Swap and Add Liquidity in the BBT farm on PanCakeSwap!

According to Twitter “The winning farms will be going live for one week at 1x multiplier, within 48 hours”

Farming just in time for Christmas!

What is BitBook?

BitBook is an online travel platform powered by the blockchain. Users can generate passive income by performing different activities or interactions with the site, such as booking travel, referring friends, creating content, and even staking their BBT to earn more BBT.

What are BitBook Rewards?

BitBook has several different reward pools for users to generate multiple streams of income. For example, travelers get paid for booking travel. Likewise, influencers can earn BBT for referring friends, family, colleagues, and their network to BitBook. The influencer gets paid in BBT from the influencer pool when anyone signs up under their referral link. In addition, a whole content creation platform will launch, and creators who publish awesome content will earn BitBook tokens as rewards from the creator’s pool. So then, if you want your BBT to earn more, BBT stake it and put your BBT to work for you!

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Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.