Jul 16, 2021

2 min read

Double Your BBT on this Friday

BitBook is pleased to announce a new partnership with, the Skyscanner of DEX tools. To celebrate this new partnership we are hosting a “Double Down” event.

  1. To participate simply buy BBT tokens on

10 lucky Tweeters will be selected at random and have their BBT purchases doubled

Date: Friday 16th
Start time: 19:00 CET
End time: 21:00 CET

Traders will have 2 hours to buy BBT tokens and share the swap ticket from to Twitter.

Qualification: Purchase BBT through, share the transaction (swap ticket) afterward on Twitter with #BBTdoubledown

In case you have no Twitter, simply post it on the official BitBook telegram channel and use the hashtag #BBTdoubledown. is considered the Skyscanner of DEX tools, they provide a 2nd layer solution built to work with PCSv2 simplifying the trading experience. Features that optimise the slippage, and the gas fees automatically for your trades make trading on a DEX easier than ever. Currently, supports BinanceSmartChain projects, and projects are able to apply for a “verified” listing as BBT received so that users can trade with confidence.

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