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  • Jon Grove

    Jon Grove

  • DPAD


    A decentralized protocol for new ideas and projects

  • ShoeFy


    Contemporary way of repositioning the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in an unprecedented method with the help of Fungible Tokens (FT)

  • Sin City Phsyco

    Sin City Phsyco

    The devil sits on my left shoulder and the angel on the right. Luckily I am deaf in my right ear. Living the dream in paradise.

  • Gabe_HuMan


    Crypto_Traveler thanks to Bitbook

  • Learning Scout

    Learning Scout

    converting knowledge for independence and care-free life experience

  • Jotka


    I am flashed about our incredibly beautiful nature and for new tech, like renewable energy or cryptocurrencies, which hopefully make the world a better place!

  • Aaron Mesa

    Aaron Mesa

    I’m a student of life that is introverted, with extroverted tendencies. I also work as an Environmental Engineer :)

  • Syed Meesam Ali

    Syed Meesam Ali

    Programming & Algorithms …. (For Computers & Life)

  • Orla K.

    Orla K.

    Writer and life coach writing about life, mental health, spirituality, healing, and travel.

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