How to Buy TripLeverage Tokens (TLT) on Unicrypt a Complete Guide

Buy TripLeverage Tokens TLT on Unicrypt in the ILO

Welcome to the TripLeverage (TLT) Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) on Unicrypt. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about how to participate in the pre-sale on Unicrypt for TLT on August 23rd, 2021.

There is NO whitelist for this pre-sale, and it is open to EVERYONE. To get into round 1 you will need to have either 50 UNCL or 3 UNCX on the Binance Smartchain (BEP-20) blockchain in your MetaMask wallet. You will need to select the PancakeSwapV2 AMM, and have BNB available to buy TLT when the ILO opens. Once the ILO succeeds you will be able to withdraw from the same page, or in the unlikely event of a failure, you will be able to withdraw your original BNB.

Step 1: Get your Unicrypt tokens for Binance Smartchain BSC

TripLeverage tokens are built on the Binance Smartchain, to participate in the TLT ILO you must hold 50 UNCL or 3 UNCX on BSC.

50 UNCL or 3 UNCX

If you have these tokens, skip to the next step.

If you do NOT have these tokens you can buy them on Pancakeswap.

UNCL: 50 needed

UNCX: 3 needed

Step 1 go to the TripLeverage Token Sale Page on Unicrypt:

Select Pancakeswap V2 as the exchange:

Click on connect your wallet.

Select MetaMask or any another wallet you are using on the Binance smartchain BSC

If you already hold the required tokens it will look like this:

The TLT pre-sale begins on a block number, not at a specific time. The Unicrypt starting block: 10287232 (Approx: Mon 23 Aug 22:47 GMT+7)

Then the page will look like this:

Fill in how much BNB you wish to spend to calculate how much TLT you get in exchange.
Then, click on Purchase.

Your MetaMask/other wallets will prompt you to confirm the transaction.
We suggest raising the gas price for faster confirmation. For example min 30–40 GWEI



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