New Partnership and Booking engine announcement

2 min readOct 25, 2023

Dear Valued Community,

We are thrilled to share an exciting announcement regarding our new partnership with Agoda. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in BitBook’s evolution, as it empowers us to embark on a comprehensive overhaul of our booking engine and reservation process. Most notably, we are transitioning into the role of the merchant of record, which means that we will manage payment processing and, as a result, facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

This strategic move will bring about transformative changes in the way BitBook operates, incentivizes its users, and establishes partnerships with other cryptocurrency projects.

Our growth strategy, aimed at boosting both bookings and the value of BBT, revolves around four key pillars:

  1. Collaborating with other crypto projects: We will form alliances with other cryptocurrency ventures, allowing their token to be used as a method of payment on our platform. This will offer them a recurring revenue stream and utility for their tokens, while in return, they will promote the ability to book Hotels within their community and on their respective platforms.
  2. Invite and Earn: Every BitBook member will receive a unique affiliate URL upon registration. When individuals sign up via this link, both the referrer and the referee will receive rewards for each booking made, creating an opportunity for BitBook users to establish a passive income stream.
  3. Paid advertising on Social Media, Google Search, and YouTube: Despite the intense competition in the hotel ads industry, we believe there are untapped opportunities for advertising and securing bookings. As we move forward, we will make it possible for users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies to use BBT entirely within their BitBook account, eliminating the need to connect a wallet or understand Crypto. For example their BBT can be used in the form of a discount on their future bookings.
  4. Create and Earn: We acknowledge that our current approach has not yielded the results we desire. Therefore, we are set to reimagine our user-generated content strategy. This will encompass improvements in Google search optimization, functionality, and rewards, as we explore new ways to harness user-generated content as a catalyst for our growth.

We will keep you updated on our journey of development. While there is much work ahead, our team is more enthusiastic than ever about elevating BitBook to become the nr1. Travel Platform.




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