Stake Your BBT Tokens on BitBook.Net — Complete Guide

4 min readSep 3, 2021

BitBook Staking is Now Live September 2, 2021

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BBT Staking interest is paid out daily, to claim the interest you must unstake your BBT. If you unstake your BBT before 90 days there is a fee schedule that can be found at the bottom of this article. To maximize your returns and avoid fees it’s best to manually re-stake your BBT balance once every 90 days.

To report an issue for BBT staking:

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet with BBT in it

Accepted wallets, MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect, Math Wallet, Token Pocket, and SafePal Wallet.

Note: TrustWallet Users! You must open your DAPPS directly as a link.

If you do not have BBT you can buy it on PancakeSwapV2, Flooz.Trade, BitMart, and ProBit.

To set up your wallet to receive BBT use this guide for MetaMask.

Step 2: Approve your BitBook Balance is Correct and confirm wallet connection

Step 3: Confirm wallet connection and pay the transaction fee of $0.16 in BNB to enable the secure connection

Step 4: Approve Pending — click approve, when connected your wallet will appear in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Enable Staking — a pop-up box will come up

Step 6: Select the amount of BBT to stake by manually filling in the box.

Step 7. Start staking

Step 8. Confirm transaction fee

Once you stake it will show pending till the transaction is completed.

Step 8: Check the APR% you get


You can check the APR anytime on the staking page in the center. You can also see the total staked:

Step 9: Unstake

If you would like to claim your earned BBT or use your staked BBT to buy, sell, or trade, you will first need to unstake. If you have staked your BBT over 90 days there is no early withdrawal fee, however, if you withdraw prior to 90 days for any reason the fee schedule is as follows:

  • BBT Withdraw fee: :
    90 days — 0%
    30–89 days 0.5%
    10–29 days 1.5%
    4–9 days 2.5%
    0–3 days 5%

Compound or Harvest BBT Interest

Compound or Harvest BBT Interest

Harvest — claim your interest with no penalty to your wallet at anytime without affecting your staked coins

Compound — automatically harvests your interest and instead of sending to your wallet it adds the interest to your staked coins, resets the 90 day timer for early withdrawal, and then you begin earning interest on your interest.

Please note that each time your access the Binance Network to compound or harvest your interest they do charge you a network fee.

Adding BBT to Your Staked BitBook Tokens

You can add more tokens to your staked BBT at any time. If you have current rewards they will get automatically harvested after you stake your new amount. If you want them included in the staked amount then you need to compound them prior to staking your new tokens.

BBT Staking Sample APR%

Example 1: 10 users stake 100,000 BBT tokens for a staking pool of 1,000,000 BBT

Staking Pool of 1,000,000 BBT yields an APR of 480%

Each user in the pool will receive an APR of 480% for the day

Example 2: 10 users stake 1,000,000 BBT tokens for a staking pool of 10,000,000 BBT

Staking pool of 10,000,000 BBT yields an APR of 48%

Each user in the pool will receive an APR of 48% for the day

Example 3: 100 users stake 1,000,000 BBT tokens for a total staking pool of 100M BBT

The staking pool of 100M BBT yields an APR of 4.8% for the day

APR% can vary drastically depending on the popularity of the staking program. If the staking program reaches 100M BBT then more tokens may be added to increase the APR for users who want to stake.

There are no minimum terms for staking, however, users who decide to withdraw their staked BBT tokens will pay an early withdrawal fee that diminishes over the first 90 days of staking.

To withdraw your staked BBT before 90 days the fee schedule is as follows:

90 days — 0%

30–89 days 0.5%

10–29 days 1.5%

3–9 days 2.5%

0–3 days 5%

Unstake Early Fees

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