Where is my BBT Stake?

Greetings BitBookers!!

The stake is almost here! Things are moving right along this month. The staking contract was audited by Quill Audits and the developers have finished the backend development of the contract and everything is safe. In light of recent events, such as the Polygon hack, and one of our own users getting spoofed by a fake MyEthWallet website we decided to create a GUI for BBT Staking so that new users will need less tech-savviness to be able to stake BBT safely and securely.

The front-end developers are working on the staking interface for BBT staking and it should be ready to go mid-week this week. There will be a user guide that accompanies it, even with the simpler process. We are committed to making BBT staking as safe and secure and accessible to all our users who wish to use it.

The new account system is underway. The front-end designers are working to insert instructions onto the account profile pages. One for Book & Earn and the other for Invite & Earn. How both reward programs work is outlined as well as sneak peeks at the content creation rewards system that will follow after this.

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