❤🔥BitBook Road Map — Let it BURN September 2021 1st Revenue Buy Back & Burn is Coming! Are you Ready? ❤🔥

Dear BitBookers,

It has been a wild 120 days leading up to this point, and the first-ever revenue buyback and burn is rapidly approaching a full 3 months early! We really can’t thank you enough for your support and dedication to the BitBook travel platform. Today, we will look at the planned road, the road we took, and what lies on the road ahead.

BitBook Quarter One 2021

BitBook Quarter Two 2021

May 2021 was the first indication that BitBook was really onto something huge.

May, was when BitBook launched to the public. The private sale sold out early, and the community demanded a whitelist allocation before the IEO & ILO, and all of those sold out early. Nevertheless, the BitBook community formed a solid foundation, and the project was launched.

BitBook Private Sale Sells Out in 4 Days

In mid-May, BitBook held the private sale first. The BitBook Private Sale sold out with only 39 participants and raised $607,000 in just 4 days. The anticipated sale length was 7 days. This was the first indicator that people were excited about this project. Once the initial Private Sale was concluded, the BitBook team began growing the Telegram community and advertising the upcoming IEO on Probit and the ILO on Unicrypt.

BitBook Opens Whitelist for Community Due to Popular Demand

The success of the private sale was published on May 14, and the Telegram community began to multiply. The week following, the BitBook community immediately began asking for a whitelist allocation. We were adamant the first few days that everyone would have to wait until the IEO/ILO, but the community was relentless. Finally, on Saturday, May 22, the BitBook whitelist allocation was opened by popular demand. Before the IEO or ILO were allowed to begin, the BitBook community gobbled up 40,000,000 BBT in anticipation of the coming sales.

BitBook IEO & ILO Sold Out in Record Time

By the time the IEO on Probit opened, BitBook was already gaining steam, and by the second day, was sold out completely. The IEO was originally to be held over 4 days and all unsold tokens were to be burned. There were no unsold tokens. This left two more days for the Unicrypt ILO and the last of the BBT allocation. The Unicrypt ILO sold the last of the BBT allocation, and on June 4, BBT was trading live on both ProBit and PancakeSwapV2.

BitBook Community Requests Staking Product Added June 2021

Before BitBook held the IEO, the community was already asking about staking. After the launch’s extreme success, the Core team met and discussed the possibilities of staking for the BitBook community. It was not in the original road map, but the community had made it very clear that they wanted to stake BBT and that they wanted it ASAP. In June, the short-term and long-term plans for staking were drafted, and staking was promised to the BitBook community.

BitBook Listings & Partnerships to Buy BBT June 2021

Just one week after BBT began trading on ProBit and PancakeSwapV2 BitMart listed BitBook’s token. Initially, BitBook was not even going to attempt exchange listings until the end of Q3, which we still have not reached. To date, BitBook has 2 CEX listings, 1 DEX listing with locked liquidity, 1 DEX that offers margin trading for qualifying BSC projects, and users who prefer the tools provided by CEX but want to trade using PCSv2 can use the Flooz.Trade app.

BitBook Partners with Priceline Partnership Network & Launches Alpha Platform For Public Testing

The partnership with Priceline Partnership Network was secured during June, and the first batch of inventory was loaded into the alpha booking engine. Booking rewards were NOT scheduled to begin until December 2021, when inflation begins. However, Nick & Perry, the founders, decided that they would kick start the rewards program to get the ball rolling early and take advantage of the momentum BitBook had. The booking engine was launched on June 24, and the moment it was launched, the first BitBooker booked a flight to Istanbul to see his father straight away. BitBooks first passenger boarded a flight on July 1, the first day of the 3rd Quarter, which generated the first revenue that will be burned this September.

BitBook Quarter Three 2021

July & August Bookings with BitBook 2021

July was spent doing marketing tests, setting up a solid social media presence, and community building. In addition, BBT was listed on numerous charting tools and portfolio tracking sites so that you can add BBT to your favorite tracking apps. As a result, bookings in August were triple that of July, and we are coming up on the first revenue burn this September for the revenue generated since the first flight was taken from July 1 to August 31, 2021.

Present Mid September 2021

We have already implemented the Book & Earn the first product that pays BBT rewards for using the platform.

BitBook Quarter 4 2021 — Begin Generating Revenue with BitBook Invite & Earn

Version 2 with the content creation platform and Review & Earn may launch as early as Q4 this year. This will enable anyone to begin earning passive income by investing time rather than money into the platform.


BitBooker Asked:

What kind of marketing plans do you have after the product is ready and running? Are you going to target consumers or new investors? And how?

Week of September 13 BitBook is working on a landing page to support paid marketing efforts targeting crypto investors to grow the user base. The BitBook foundation investors are as solid as they come, and this is indicated by having 30% of the BBT total supply locked in the staking contract. Now that we have a solid foundation, it’s time to expand. First, the landing page will undergo testing, and when our first target conversion threshold is reached, the budget will be increased slowly to maximize the effectiveness of the paid ads campaigns for new investors.

Earn passive income traveling or creating travel content. Earn BBT today.